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Mission Statement
Veterand is helping United States and allied veterans around the globe. We are an Algorand powered, community driven, international veteran support team, empowering and supporting veterans in need - through our own efforts or by supporting the efforts of veteran-owned businesses aiding their fellow veterans.


Q1 ‘22

  1. Critical founder roles identified and filled
  2. Organizational goals and structure planning
  3. Litepaper planning and documentation
  4. Discord server target of 100 members
  5. VIP program planning

Q2 ‘22

  1. Whitepaper release and community feedback.
  2. Support roles identified.
  3. Discord server target of 200 members.
  4. VIP program launch for the first 100 members of the DAO.

Q3 ‘22

  1. Education targets adopted by vote of the DAO.
  2. Website launch.
  3. Skills polling of the DAO, gaps identified for support roles.
  4. Research capability for escrow utility voting protocol.

Q4 ‘22

  1. Educational program, planning and design completion.
  2. Review and update of the whitepaper.
  3. Vendor selection for operational tools.
  4. Support role leaders chosen.

Last Modified: 06/06/2023