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Mission Statement
Veterand is helping United States and allied veterans around the globe. We are an Algorand powered, community driven, international veteran support team, empowering and supporting veterans in need - through our own efforts or by supporting the efforts of veteran-owned businesses aiding their fellow veterans.

VETERAND DAO- Algorand Blockchain

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VETERAND co-founders


The VETERAND organization is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) tokenized on the Algorand blockchain. At its core, VETERAND seeks to better the lives of Veterans across the globe by leveraging the ever growing Algorand community and its technology. To facilitate this, VETERAND will have several missions which will run in parallel. One, to introduce the Veteran community to the Algorand blockchain via education and assistance in establishing an Alogrand friendly wallet. Two, to create and grow a community of Veterans that can leverage the Algorand blockchain to their advantage in helping one another via donations, projects and community organization. Lastly, to establish the VETERAND DAO as a known community of like minded people that ultimately want to do good in the world and help those who have given us all so much.


VETERANDs’ first and foremost goal is to create an ever growing community dedicated to bettering the lives of our Veterans. In order to help us do this there are two other goals we will focus on. Educating Veterans about blockchain technology, and demonstrating the use of DAO’s to engage in activities and tasks beneficial to all Veterans.
  1. Education: Measured by the adoption of blockchain technology by veterans.
  2. Activities: The demonstration of blockchain and the DAO to reward the completion of tasks which directly benefit veterans.
  3. Community: Connecting individuals and businesses to build supportive relationships and opportunities.
An example of an educational goal is adoption of Algorand wallets by the veteran community. Within the first 12 months VETERAND has committed to getting 500 new wallets adopted by veterans. We consider this hands-on experience to be the first step in learning to educate oneself about the blockchain.
Activity goals demonstrate the ability of tokenization and the DAO to accomplish administrative and operational tasks. For example, a member may prepare a donation for their local veterans care facility of 1,000 Algorand worth of clothing as a donation. They would be rewarded by an airdrop of 5,000 VETERAND tokens (5:1 ratio, adjustable by DAO vote). Additionally the token can be disbursed as an incentive for a DAO member to provide administrative services such as server management. Other opportunities may be provided to compensate DAO members or veterans as interns or other business service providers.


The VETERAND token (VET) is both a utility and a reward token. It is designed to be used within the ecosystem of projects developed by the DAO, and as an incentive for DAO members to complete published activities that promote and administrate the DAO, as well as to directly benefit veterans. It is not a security token, and there is no expectation of profit for its holders.
The token is administered by founders who manage multi-signature wallets requiring 3 of 5 signatures for approval. There is an initial supply of 108 million tokens. The 108 million tokens represent the estimated lives lost globally to war in the 20th century.
Reserve wallet (multi-sig): 37XLB55H2J4RLP5G5CPARFFL4Q7NSG43KVXCIH4ARI6KXT6XL66IXVU7YE
Lifetime budget for the token:
- Reserve wallet: 22 Million (includes 5 million for liquidity)
- Donations: 20 Million
- Incentives: 2.5 Million for VIP airdrops; incentives and rewards 63.5 Million

DAO Membership & Voting Eligibility

The VETERAND organization and corresponding VET tokens are managed by a network of individuals who are known and with some members anonymous. Membership is required for formal votes on organizational decisions proposed by a consensus among the cofounders, although minor issues will occasionally go out to a broader user base. Unless stated otherwise, a simple majority will decide the direction of the vote. Changes to this process will require the consensus of the cofounders and the DAO, and may occur as necessary for the advancement of the organization, or the improvement of the ability to provide core operational services. Membership and voting eligibility is not limited to veterans.

VIP Program

The VIP program is meant to incentivize members who express a strong desire to participate in the DAO and support its activities. In addition to having priority for providing professional quality products and services to the DAO, VIP members will receive a 25% bonus of reward tokens. VIP membership is initially priced at 108 Algos for the first 10 VIPs, sent to the Reserve Wallet 37XLB55H2J4RLP5G5CPARFFL4Q7NSG43KVXCIH4ARI6KXT6XL66IXVU7YE.

Complete benefits include:
  1. Physical challenge coin.
  2. Airdrop of 5,000 VETs.
  3. 25% bonus on reward tokens activities.
  4. DAO proposal and voting eligibility for DAO issues.
  5. Skills registration with priority access into the vendor pool.
  6. NFT recognition (when available).
  7. First access to new merchandise.
  8. Access to “VIP members only” Discord channel.

DAO Operations

VETERAND has been established as an organization which relies on its membership to perform the activities to support the educational and other goals for the benefit of veterans. It is in the best interest of the DAO to rely on the DAO membership to provide services and products in a vendor/supplier capacity. To achieve this, certain information (such as business details, email addresses, or skills sets) about DAO members may be required prior to granting voting membership, or prior to engaging with product and service suppliers. This is in order to assure the professional conduct of suppliers, reduce the risk of non-performance, and mitigate overall risk to the organization.

Management Documents

These official documents should be used for all transactions and rewards with the DAO including purchasing memberships and services. As well as applying for compensation,  and suggesting activity proposals. Summary or directly collected data will be stored as NFTs at logical intervals to support an audit of financial condition. No personally identifying information will ever be published.
VIP Membership Enrollment:
Project/Activity Proposal Application:
Educational Goal #001 Rewards Application:

General Token Rewards Application:



Last Modified: 06/06/2023